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  • What does "load time" even mean?
    Most internet experts will define the load time of a website as "the time that passes from the moment a request is prepared to the moment the last resource has been fully transfered to the end user". The order in which individual resources are requested depends on the underlying HTML structure and the web browser in use. Some external assets need to be downloaded and parsed before the browser can proceed to render the site (e.g. javascript, sans async) others do not (e.g. images). The question is how a end user experiences load time: Does he feel the page is done once the browser starts rendering content or does he wait for all elements to load until he starts to interact with the content?
  • How is the load time of a resource determined?
    Load time consists of 3 distinct elements
    • Connect: DNS lookup (convert domain name to corresponding IP), TCP connect (establish connection to this IP)
    • Process: Time for the server to "build the content". For static content the processing time should be close to 0. For dynamic assets processing time is determined by the underlying programming code and database integration. Please keep in mind that this value is not 100% accurate since measuring the server execution time is very prone to measuring mistakes.
    • Transfer: Time it takes to send the content to end user: This is determined by the server bandwidth and physical distance between end user and server holding the requested content.
  • What is
    The goal of this project is to create a detailed database of load time data over time for publicly accessible websites.
  • How we benchmark the web
    Our system is designed to be able to benchmark a lot of websites in a short amount of time. In order to do that we can not check every single website resource a web browser would request at once (e.g. images, stylesheets or javascripts) but narrow it down to individual resources (html, xml, images, stylesheet files, javascript files, pdf documents and other external resources). Assets of your website will be tested automatically and results will be published on our website. Subdomains other than www won't be tested automatically and for each request the timeout limit is set to 10 seconds. All load time tests are conducted from servers located in Berlin, Germany.
  • Can I manually test pages?
    Yes, just visit the profile page of the domain you want to test and first uncheck the auto test option. Now enter the path and query (no fragments) in the appropriate text-box and click "Test Page". Results will be displayed in the table below immediately. Manual test are not stored permanently since it would skew the overall rating of the domain which is created on a basis of random page selection.
  • Why is there no advice for making my website's load time shrink?
    There are many factors that play a role in load time. Some of them can be observed by outside entities others can not. We found that a big part of the reason many websites load slowly is the processing part. Often this is a result of bad database engineering or programming. For us as a outside entity there is no way to determine what the reason behind slow processing is and giving advice would be more of a guessing game.
  • Didn't find data for you website?
    If we haven't added your website to our database you can manually do it using our add page. If your page has been accepted it will be randomly tested.
  • How does the Auto Test system work?
    In order to make it easier for our users to test pages consecutively without having to type out URLs we developed an automated system to test pages in a completely random order.
    • The first 5 auto tests will be performed without a break
    • The next 95 tests will have a 5 second break
    • After that there is a 60 second break
    If you want to stop the automated tests simply uncheck the Auto Test checkbox.
  • You want to remove your website from our database or are annoyed by the LoadTimeBot?
    Our automated bot can be identified by the user-agent string "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; LoadTimeBot/0.9; +". We do obey robots.txt, but only scan those files every once in a while. If you wish to remove your website from our list of domains to test, visit the profile page of your website and click "Remove" in the footer of the page. Once you do that all available data will be removed and no future tests will be conducted.
  • Feedback, anyone?
    We invite you to send suggestions, feedback, constructive criticism and other inquiries via our contact form, if you feel like it.