Craftsmanship Spirit of Striving for the Best

Manufacturing Site

Our manufacturing site is in charge of producing high-quality innovative medicines. Since its establishment, the company has equipped with a high-level professional team, and owns a diversified training system for people development. Strictly in line with lean management principle of GMP+, the site has set up automatic production line for comprehensive quality control to improve manufacturing process and seek technological innovations with a craftsmanship spirit of striving for the best, with aiming to achieve our ultimate goal: Developing drugs that patients are yearning for.

The Green Valley Production Center adheres to the concept of "Made in China", and is equipped with domestic first-class facilities, most of which are the first ones in China: The first automatic liquid distribution system, the first filling line with capacity of 550 bottles/min, first AGV transfer cart, which simultaneously rotates and transports products, and the first aluminum plastic packaging line with capacity of 120 panels/min and automatic rejection function in China... In line with the principle of “what fits you is what is best” the company supports national industry and provides innovative opportunities for partners. Mutual success with our partners is our eternal philosophy.

The concept of well-being, safety and environmental protection has been integrated into every aspect of daily management of the production base, since its construction and design. The Production Center strictly abides by national laws and regulations, strictly implements national and industrial standards, and conscientiously fulfills its responsibilities as a pharmaceutical production entity. The plant is equipped with VOCs treatment equipment to strictly control waste, thus ensuring the discharge meets standards. "Energy conservation and environmental protection" is the company’s commitment to society.

The Production Center has set up two production bases i.e., the Shanghai Qingpu Production Base and the Liaoning Benxi Production Base.

The Qingpu Base is in Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Park. In June 2014, the Center established China’s first-class freeze-dried powder production line that met GMP requirements, with annual capacity of 100 million units. It adopted automatic feed and discharge as well as international level sterilization and filtration technology, to exercise strict control, thus ensuring safety of patients. In December 2015, to upgrade its extraction capacity of traditional Chinese medicine, the company launched the new material drug project in the Shanghai Qingpu Production Base. The project adopts an advanced design concept and is equipped with high-level automated production lines, providing overall control over the operation of the equipment through a central control system. The reserved network and database technical ports provide space for further development of information technology.

The Benxi Base is in the High-tech Industrial Development Zone, in Liaoning Province’s Benxi City, which is known as the Chinese medicinal city. It covers an area of 250,000 m2, and includes a new drug production base, sales logistics base and industrial R&D center. It is committed to building an industry-leading carbohydrate drug research and production base. In 2016, the Benxi Base received approval to set up the Provincial Key Carbohydrate Drug Laboratory of Liaoning Province. In 2017, Benxi Base set up the Expert Academician Workstation and Shenyang Pharmaceutical University Graduate and Postgraduate Student Practice Base. At present, it has built a raw material production workshop with an annual capacity of 38 tons.

In response to the expectations and trust of patients, the spirit of craftsmanship remains rooted in our heart and lays the foundation of hope. By constantly pursuing its ultimate goal, Green Valley is committed to building a world-class green intelligent production system. In future, the Production Center will become an innovative intelligent manufacturing-based drug production platform, providing safe and effective drugs for patients.

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