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Our Sales & Marketing Center takes compliance as the cornerstone, carries out professional academic promotion, takes patients as the center and strives to provide patients with unique clinical value. The Center conducts high-level academic communication with healthcare professionals and KOLs to jointly promote academic development and optimize diagnosis and treatment regimens in China.

The Sales & Marketing Center has established a leading system inclusive of sales, marketing, commercial, medical, compliance and pharmacovigilance, which has brought together outstanding professional talents in the industry. It has integrated concepts and advantages of domestic and overseas pharmaceutical enterprises, and continuously optimized its marketing mix with innovation as its lifeblood. Our operations cover 5,000 hospitals in 31 provinces and municipalities in China, and we have successfully built a Top 10 Star Brand in the Chinese prescription drug market.

We are striving to build a compliance and sustainable marketing team which is patient-oriented, academics-based and clinical-research-information integrated. Our mission is enabling Green Valley's innovative drugs and health solutions to benefit all humanity.

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